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Booking hotel can be made an easy procedure. By being aware of several things, the first time booker can ensure that no additional payment is made. Also, the glamorously projected room could turn out to be something of a disaster. Hence, few points are to be kept in mind when trying to book a hotel and to have peace of mind during the stay.

Firstly, the type of hotel – a 3 or 5 star to stay is to be considered. There are other choices like studio hotels, guest houses and bed & breakfast to be explored. These provide decent prices, good ambiance and wonderful deals.

While determining the hotel type, an option is to be kept open to check out for something better. The web is the best place to start the search. Visiting the website of a particular hotel can provide valuable information.

Over the phone or travel agents can help in booking of hotels, offering excellent perks and discount deals.
Location is to be asked when determining hotel to stay. The preference might be a tranquil place or heart of city.

It is necessary to be flexible with dates to get the best deal. Prices would be higher on holidays and weekends. Early booking can fetch good discounts.

Different hotels are known to have various prices for different room types. It is essential to know if the room is mid-sized, suite, king sized or economy. Number of people, budget in hand, determines type of room to book.

Finally, other facilities available are to be enquired and if its price is included in total cost or any additional to be paid.

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