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The industry of tourism and travel has been affected by the tremendous growth of the economy in the world, it has a positive effect. There is a worldwide improvement in the service in the industry such as hospitality and the system improvements as an outcome of this growth. The system which is usually used to book the reservations to offer the facilities of the customers to their best is known as the star system and this system is according to the customer’s budget. In this system of rating the consumer gets a wide variety of ranges which is right from the booking of hotels that are cheap to those that are luxurious as per the demand of the individuals. Unfortunately all the hotels do not have the uniform star system. The criteria also vary from each and every city and country.

One of the best way in which you can reserve a hotel in any destination in the universe is through online booking. The customers will be provided options in any of the category which he wants with the option of online booking which is inclusive of luxury hotels or hotels which are cheap dallas or bookings which are cheap Houston hotels. Most of the agencies which are good offers the reservation through online. You can enjoy huge rates of discounts and ample amount of cost which are provided to the agencies by the various hotels. These agencies which are present in online generally have tie ups with various hotels of different kinds. The substantial discounts is offered by the hotels to the agencies and as an outcome of this these agencies book the rooms as a block for more discounts.

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